11 June 2008

Wait, I need to be more feminine *and* more gay?

Gay Unions Shed Light on Gender in Marriage
Published: June 10, 2008

A growing body of evidence shows that same-sex couples have a great deal to teach everyone else about marriage and relationships.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

I hope I don't need to explain the Seinfeld reference. But now, the New York Times seems to think that I need to be more gay. Pop culture has told me for most of my adult life that I need to be more feminine. Women are smarter about relationships, and I need to listen without judging blah blah blah. Now, sociology is telling me that gay couples have higher relationship satisfaction.

Yes, I'm a throwback. I get that listening is good, but at the end of the day, I still have testicles. Sometimes, I just feel like using them without a lengthy explanation. But the NYT says that the gender inequality in my relationship might be the cause of a lot of anger for my wife. I guess I'm insensitive, because I spend all day having fun and then just want to hang out with my wife and have sex.

Seriously, are there any sociology researchers who have ever had a boner? I just hope, when they come to take my testicles away, that I can keep them in a jar or maybe have a picture.

Did I say any of this in my "out loud" voice?

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