13 November 2008

Great Graphic / Great Security Comparison

I haven't thought about security for my web browser for awhile -- maybe because I'm comfortable that I've made reasonable decisions. My recent Firefox update reminded me, very graphically.

In the image above, Mozilla defines “risk” as any day having publicly available exploits with no patch. The image shows the number of calendar days from 2006 with and without risk, not the actual dates.

(Source: Mozilla)

04 November 2008

10 Things to Remember, Instead of . . .

Instead of Gloating . . .
  1. Remember how you felt when others gloated, and show your better nature with humility and good manners.
  2. Remember that more than 50 million Americans voted for the other side, and your country will be stronger if you can find ways to reach out to them and unite with them.
  3. Remember than an election is a snap-shot, and solving actual problems requires conversations and hard work.
  4. Remember that you haven't yet solved any problems.
  5. Remember that the other side will remember how you're acting now.
  6. Remember that you don't have answers for every problem, and you can benefit by listening.
  7. Remember that even your best ideas are not perfect and might not work out the way you predict they will.
  8. Remember that even if you implement every one of your proposals, we'll still have lots of problems.
  9. Remember that your team has made a lot of mistakes and doesn't have a plan for world peace and universal prosperity.
  10. Remember that things change, and the challenges you face tomorrow may surprise you and require help from former opponents.
Instead of Complaining . . .
  1. Remember how you felt when others complained, and show your better nature with graceful acceptance and politeness.
  2. Remember that the other side might have some better alternatives that your side hasn't tried.
  3. Remember that some from the other side will reach out to you, and you can accomplish more with them than without them.
  4. Remember that your side will come back to power again, and you aren't completely powerless.
  5. Remember that elections don't reverse direction, they just change it -- often only marginally.
  6. Remember that very little has changed in your personal life.
  7. Remember that you don't actually know what will happen in the future, and nothing about this election predestines anything.
  8. Remember that America always has room for a loyal opposition, and now you're it.
  9. Remember that you need to persuade a lot of people to advance any of your ideas.
  10. Remember that our new President is your President, too.
Remember the Golden Rule, and show others the respect that you would have them show you.